It seems I’ve been leading all my life in some shape, form, or fashion. From an early age, being the only boy and the oldest with 5 sisters, my parents always impressed upon me that in their absence, I was in charge. If anything went sideways, it was on my watch and I was responsible. It seemed that persona has followed me throughout my life. Even at times when I really didn’t want that mantle, I always accepted the responsibility.

As I’ve moved through my life, especially on the professional side, I’ve always heard that the best leaders have to have vision. It took me some time to figure out what vision really is and I finally arrived at the following:

It’s not as much mystical as it is doing your homework. It means studying historical trends, comparing those trends to current state, and using all of that data and information in deciding how to move forward as accurately and effectively as possible. That makes more sense to me than the formal definition of vision, which is having unusual competence in discernment, perception or intelligence. I don’t discount that definition by any stretch, but I do believe in doing your homework.

The following video by Simon Sinek probably best expresses my perspective on visionary leadership. I hope it’s helpful to you.

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