There are rules a leader must follow in order to create problems that don’t exist. Those rules are as follows:

  1. Micro-Manage your very best people by limiting their capacity and development because you’re intimidated by their potential.
  2. Have a multitude of unnecessary, unproductive meetings to find out what’s going on because you never leave your office.
  3. Conduct most of your communications via email because you don’t want to be bothered with potential challenges or issues.
  4. Delegate most of your responsibilities through subordinates because you have the power and authority to do so.
  5. Take all the credit during good times and disperse all the blame during bad times.
  6. Become a master at minimizing, rationalizing, deflecting, denying, or worst of all, justifying your bad behavior and decision-making.
  7. Take advantage of those in your charge by marginalizing or neutralizing their contributions, especially if they happen to have better ideas than yours.
  8. Set people up for failure by assigning them tasks you don’t equip them to accomplish.
  9. Penalize your people financially because you value productivity and expense control more than you do their well-being.
  10. Withhold the best you have to offer because your needs and desires, both personally and professionally, come first.

Sometimes, it’s easier to illustrate what’s right by identifying what’s wrong.

Weekly Leadership Insight

What’s Your Life Really About? 

It’s been said that our lives are just a vapor. Although we may be healthy and thriving and even live a long life long into our 80’s or 90’s…that life really is short. Are you maximizing your personal and professional opportunities? Are you fully committed to being the best you can be at work, in your family, in your community, in every area of your life?  

Action Step:
Reflect this week if you’re living only for yourself, or for others, as well. While it’s important to have personal and professional goals of your own, be sure it’s not at the risk of all of those that look to you for guidance.    

Quote of the Week:
Ego could be described as being obsessed with the one person who doesn’t need you to such a degree that you’re blind to all of those who do.

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