At some point, on all my platforms, I’ve either talked or written about two specific challenges with those aspiring to leadership.

  1. The Impostor Syndrome, where someone has risen to great heights, all the time feeling that they didn’t belong and that it was all a fluke.
  2. The Hostage Syndrome, where someone with tremendous potential is being marginalized by a higher authority, who sees and exploits the individuals lack of confidence.

There’s a reason there are more followers than leaders. It’s because those aspiring to leadership are willing to accept not only the responsibility, but also the risk that goes along with it. Few of them know their true worth or the value they bring to the table.

I’m under no illusion that I’m the best practitioner in the area of leadership coaching and development. There are many people working in this sector claiming to be the best of the best. I don’t pay too much attention to the majority of them because they haven’t lived it. I do pay a lot of attention to those in other sectors, who’ve actually experienced it through think and thin and know from whereof they speak.

This individual has a great message about knowing your worth, because when you know that, you’re on your way.

Weekly Leadership Principle: Building Character Is Critical To Success

Research has shown that character energizes life. Both your character and behavior are the foundation of your personal leadership effectiveness, which is critical to overall performance, productivity and how you relate to others. That’s why it’s critical to understand that foundation and how you live it out. 

Action Step:
This week write down what you consider some of your better character qualities. Then ask someone you have a close relationship with (personally and professionally) to review the list to see if they view you in the same manner.      

Quote of the Week:
“To succeed, you must energize your inner life by cultivating your character.”

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