PLE Transformational Learning Experience

Investment per Leader: $495.00

Benefits: This Special PLE Learning Experience Package provides each participant with valuable insights into how their Attitudes, Beliefs, and Commitments are impacting their performance, productivity, team effectiveness, and overall contribution towards the Vision and Mission of the Organization.

Materials Include: Comprehensive 60-page PLE eBookMERIT Profile Assessment and Development Report, 20-minute Recorded MERIT Profile Tutorial, PLE Improvement Plan, access to 13 PLE Online Learning Modules, and Special Online Coaching Reports as participant completes each Online Learning Module.

The PLE Online Learning Modules involve about 20 hours of self-paced learning. Each module incorporates the results of the participant’s MERIT Profile Assessment, which significantly enhances the overall learning experience. The PLE Learning Experience will help each participant to:

  1. Change habits and improve personal disciplines.
  2. Build a strong self-image.
  3. Deal with fears, problems, and other difficulties.
  4. Live a value-driven lifestyle.
  5. Build a sense of personal mission and purpose.
  6. Develop balance in attitudes, priorities, and goals.
  7. Listen, confront, empathize, and coach others.
  8. Live a character-based lifestyle.
  9. Make mid-course corrections and handle change.
  10. Stay focused and not quit on important issues.

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