I discovered my purpose long ago, not only through my Corporate, Academic, and Nonprofit endeavors, but continuing now with my coaching and consulting. That purpose is to help individuals and organizations find clarity by identifying their strengths and their values, thereby eliminating the dysfunctions and obstacles standing in their way.

I’m a continual learner and over the course of my career, I’ve worked with just about every kind of Leadership Development process there is in an effort to find the best way to accomplish my purpose. The DISC, the Birkman, the Myers Brigg, MAPP; you name it and I’ve worked with it. I’ve always felt they all focused more on the process than upon the single most important component of all, which is an individual’s personal leadership effectiveness. It’s the one thing that the individual has complete control over, regardless of any resources provided or any external motivation they may receive.

Five years ago, I was introduced to a Leadership Development initiative called Personal Leadership Effectiveness™ (PLE). It not only changed my entire perspective about how to help individuals motivate and govern themselves to lead, but it also tapped into my inherent, instinctual and spiritual belief that if it’s to be, it’s up to me. I was so compelled that I engaged completely in the process and became certified as a facilitator, coach and consultant.

My mentor, Sam Walton, has been recognized as probably the greatest retailer in history. He was also the greatest Leader I’ve ever worked with. One thing he taught me above all else was to surround myself with the best people I could find (especially those better than myself), teach and equip them to lead, and then get out of their way. He was teaching me about Personal Leadership Effectiveness before I even knew what it really was.

I invite you to review the PLE Value Proposition in more detail here and I look forward to hearing from you. 🙂