Many leaders are seeking a reboot for their personal and professional endeavors. The insights provided by the MERIT Profile Assessment examine an individual’s current disposition by measuring their Character and Behavior, and how their Attitudes, Beliefs, and Commitments influence their behavior and decision-making. Many organizations are also seeking a ‘reboot’ for key leaders being identified to lead them into the future. Unfortunately, most of them will invest more in process efficiency than in the development of their key people. Consider investing in the Personal Leadership Effectiveness of your key people.

Upon completion of your purchase and receipt of your order, my delivery partner, Future Achievement International®(FAI), will contact you to confirm the order and delivery of individual or multiple development packages.


Development Materials Include:

  1. Informational 60-page PLE eBook
  2. A MERIT Profile Assessment that produces a 13-page Development Report and 6-page Recruitment Report.
  3. Two pre-recorded MERIT Profile Tutorials to assist in reading and interpreting the data in the two reports.
  4. A PLE Improvement Plan.
  5. A PLE Subscription to a year’s worth of encouraging audio recordings containing PLE Insights that arrive weekly by email.
  6. A comprehensive PLE Operating System Whitepaper that details the personal and professional benefits of developing your Personal Leadership Effectiveness both personally and professionally.

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