As a Certified Facilitator/Coach/Consultant of Personal Leadership Effectiveness™, I’m able to work with individuals and organizations in a myriad of ways. One of those is to provide individual leadership coaching and counseling as part of the PLE Development Process. Many leaders and aspiring leaders individuals want to take their leadership ability (especially in the area of communication) to another level. I wanted to supplement the self-learning process with individual coaching and counseling in support of individuals seeking to understand more about themselves in order to understand more about the people that look to them for leadership. Understanding what leadership encompasses is one thing. Understanding the subconscious values, habits and mindsets sabotaging one’s self-awareness is quite another. It affects not only self-awareness but the ability to communicate, interact, discern, and respond with confidence and decisiveness.

This PLE Development Opportunity is in the form of 8 Personal Coaching Sessions supporting the online learning modules. In these sessions, I go deeper into helping individuals identify, confront and resolve those subconscious roadblocks to their progress, and ultimately their overall success, both personally and professionally.

Investment per Leader: $1600.00

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