I’m a continual learner and I’ve worked with just about every kind of Leadership Development process there is to find the best way to accomplish my purpose. The DISC, the Birkman, the Myers Brigg, MAPP; you name it and I’ve worked with it.

In my view, they all focused more on the process than upon an individual’s Personal Leadership Effectiveness. It’s the one thing that the individual has complete control over, regardless of any resources provided or any motivation received.

This PLE Value Proposition changed my perspective on how I help organizations understand the importance of a PLE Culture. I believer any organization can significantly improve their Human Capital decisions relative to talent acquisition, employee development, and employee retention by developing and sustaining such a culture.

Let me encourage you to take time to review and consider investing in these PLE Experience Opportunities (where appropriate) that comprise the most effective Professional Development Operating System I’ve ever experienced.

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