Culture is about individuals in an Organization sharing patterns of behavior based on shared beliefs and values. It’s the sum total of an organization’s past and current experiences, philosophy, and values that hold it together. It’s based on shared workplace attitudes, beliefs, and commitments, expressed or implied, and written and unwritten rules that the Organization develops over time that have worked well. To put it simply, it’s the way we do things around here.

The Core Values of an Organization form the foundation upon which individuals perform their work and conduct themselves. They govern personal relationships, guide business processes, clarify who we are, articulate what we stand for and help explain why we do business the way we do. Operating practices and processes constantly change to improve but Core Values are enduring and unchanging.

Changing Organizational Culture isn’t like changing clothes. One can change outward appearances by giving the organization a new image/logo, organizing staff parties, introducing new processes, models, etc. But, to have a significant and lasting impact, negative behaviors that conflict with the core values must be replaced. Transforming a culture is very hard to do and takes considerable planning and preparation. It can’t happen in a vacuum and it can’t happen haphazardly.

A PLE Culture approach can become the point of the spear in transforming the culture of an organization one employee at a time, beginning at the top of the organizational chart and rippling all the way to the front lines incrementally over a coordinated timeline.

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