Having worked with the Nonprofit Sector for the last 20 years (both on the front lines and now as a Counselor & Consultant), I’ve kept them abreast of trends and shifts in the sector. My primary interactions are with both Boards of Directors, CEO’s and Executive Directors, assisting them with leadership development, adaptive planning, fund development, organizational structure & function, and the life cycle of Nonprofit organizations.

As long as I’ve been involved with Nonprofits, they’ve struggled with the following:

  1. Resistance to Change (RC FACTOR) is embedded in the culture of the sector to a degree at times that’s debilitating.
  2. Boards of Directors need more clarity regarding how their role and function is changing.
  3. Executive Directors need more clarity regarding how their role and function is changing.
  4. The planning function has shifted from Strategic to Adaptability because the external environment is changing too fast and the sector isn’t keeping up.
  5. Nonprofits (as with For-profits) have life cycles, and the sector needs more clarity regarding organizational structure and function, both with the Nonprofit the Board, and how COVID-19 has changed everything forever.

I’m a member of the National Association of Nonprofit Executives (NANOE) as a Certified Nonprofit Executive (CNE), Certified Development Executive (CDE) and Certified Nonprofit Consultant (CNC).

I’m a Senior Counselor with Development Systems International (DSI) counseling Nonprofits in the area of fundraising and Major Gifts.

I’m a Senior Writer for Inside Charity, American’s most trusted Nonprofit News Source.

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