Maxie Carpenter is an independent consultant, author, and speaker. His primary focus is on educating his clients on the importance of every person’s Character-Based Personal Leadership Effectiveness ™ and the ways that it directly impacts an Organization’s Culture, Talent Acquisition, Employee Development, and Employee Retention Initiatives.

Maxie was formerly with Walmart for 27 years, retiring in 2000 as Vice President of HR & Talent Development, Walmart US. He’s pursued several interests since, providing an expansive, experiential perspective to individuals and organizations across the country in the For Profit and Nonprofit sectors. His mentor, Sam Walton, with whom he directly and indirectly interacted over the course of his career, heavily influenced Maxie’s perspective with the core of Authentic Leadership.

Maxie’s authored several publications, including I Didn’t Ask You to Dance! I Asked You to Talk: A common sense, humorous and at times, spiritual approach to communication in a world obsessed with political Correctness! and Managing Difficult People in the Workplace: A Practical Guide to Confronting Difficult People.   

Maxie is certified as a PLE Consultant, Trainer and Coach. As such, he’s qualified to deliver the suite of MERIT Integrated Solutions™ to For-profit and Non-profit Organizations. At the foundation of these Character-Based Business Solutions is the MERIT Profile™ . This proprietary assessment tool proficiently assesses an individual’s Character Competencies, Behavior Traits, and workplace Attitudes, Beliefs and Commitments, which are the foundation to his or her Personal Leadership Effectiveness ™ . These five important factors directly influence an individual’s overall performance, productivity, team effectiveness, and bottom line contribution with respect to their daily job functions.

Maxie’s also a member of the National Association of Nonprofit Executives (NANOE), as a Certified Nonprofit Executive (CNE), Certified Development Executive (CDE) and Certified Nonprofit Consultant (CNC). I’m also a Senior Counselor with Development Systems International (DSI). counseling Nonprofits in the area of Major Gifts.

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