Leaders Need Inspiration, Too!

I’ve been drawn to leading others the majority of my life. It’s a combination of always looking out for others and of wanting to see as many of us win as possible, especially when winning seems impossible. Even when I really didn’t want to (given the situation), it’s been thrust upon me by way of an upbringing that I can’t deny and by way of an inherent DNA that just won’t allow a leadership vacuum to exist for very long.

There are times when leaders get so caught up in the responsibility of leading, that they forget to look out for themselves. They forget that they need things like rest, self-examination, encouragement, coaching and mentoring, as well. They get so caught up in taking care of everyone else that they don’t take care of themselves. In short, when the plane is in danger of going down, they forget to put the oxygen mask on themselves first. They don’t understand that for everyone else looking to them for survival, they have to first survive.

Leaders need inspiration, too, and they need it daily. Mine always comes primarily from two sources:

  1. Because of a rich spiritual upbringing, I find that acknowledging the presence of the Creator through music, stirs a humility and humanity in me that never fails to lift my spirit, regardless of circumstances.
  2. Because I want us all to win so badly, examples of how others either overcome adversity or find the courage to do something they wouldn’t ordinarily do inspires me to do the same. 

I hope this post inspires you to find that same kind of courage and then step out and lead.