Hoarding Only Leads to Immobilization!

There’s an oxymoron built into our instinct to hoard, which is that the more we do it, the less we get out of the process.

An idea shared is worth more than one kept hidden. Opportunities passed from one to another create connections which lead to more opportunities.

Opened doors lead to forward motion. Winning doesn’t usually involve demolishing the opposition, as we’ve seen amply demonstrated this past election cycle. Instead, for most of us, it’s about building something up to be better than the something that came before it.

A scientist without peers won’t find a breakthrough anytime soon. A bookstore with one book won’t work. A market with only one vendor will fail. If you’re the only cello player in town, your craft will soon disappear.

Only trust, connectivity and implementation support forward motion. The primary driver of our well-being is our culture. A culture built on a myopic agenda is toxic and has no redeeming long-term value.

We’re not paying things forward. We’re launching them forward so that we can watch them boomerang back to us in some all empowering form, especially if we do it often enough and with enough generosity.

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