Do You Always Follow the Rules?

Every business, every process, every activity; basically, every anything has rules. For the most part, following the rules has benefits. The thinking goes that if you follow enough of the rules, you’ll get whatever it is you’re after.

For example, the lottery requires the regular purchase of a ticket. Supposedly, this creates educational opportunities for kids in the state. If you follow the rules and purchase a ticket one or two times a week, you might end up winning the Powerball. The odds today are that 1 in 292 million will pull this off.

Before the days of self-publishing, certain rules had to be followed in order to get the book from the manuscript to the bookstore. You first needed a publisher, who for a small fortune, would provide an ISBN number, a graphic designer, a public relations expert, and a marketing agent; all for a significant cost up front and only if the manuscript was accepted. If you’re persistent and very, very good, you can eventually hit the New York Times best seller list. The odds today are that 1 in 100,000 (.001%) will pull this off.

Outsiders who want to make their mark in a chosen field or endeavor often decide that following the rules of the business is the only way to get inside and get what they want. After all, isn’t it the insiders that get all the benefits because they’re sold out to the business?

What if instead of focusing on the business, you focused on the change you want to bring about or the people you want to serve? What if you focused on the business of leading by serving others rather than just the business itself? There are far less rules and potentially far more rewarding benefits.

Truth Be Told, the odds of pulling that off are much greater, as well.