Diverse Opinions – Minus Shared Reality = 0!

We’re certainly not struggling with the diverse opinions part, are we?

We’ve got so many of those floating around that there are times when I feel like we’re being fed like a hummingbird with a fire hose; in other words, we’re drowning! All of these opinions are great, but without a shared reality, there’s really nothing of value to consider.

I’ve heard the phrase ‘that perception is 100% reality’ most of my life and have never really bought in. Why? Because (in my experience) the person with a perception will always lose an argument to the person with the reality.

Additionally, I’ve never thought that “Hey, that’s just your opinion.” has ever been a useful response. It implies so many negative connotations, such as: there aren’t any rules or precedents in place that could possibly be considered; that the discussion or the outcome could ever be viewed but from one perspective; that the opinion someone else has not only lacks value, but the person providing the opinion lacks value, as well.

Based upon the degree of disagreement, it can even imply that a relevant experience also has no value. It doesn’t matter how badly I want my tee shot to go 325 yards like the pros. My opinion by itself isn’t going to cause that to happen. It’s whether or not I’m willing to fully understand the reality of achieving that objective and then, whether it make sense and equip myself to do so.

Truth be told, as much as I love playing golf, wouldn’t that be something?

Have Mercy!