MAXIE CARPENTER is a Consultant, Author, and Keynote Speaker. His primary focus is to work with individuals and organization’s, reinforcing the importance of Personal Leadership Effectiveness (PLE)™ and the way it directly impacts organizational Culture, Talent Acquisition, Employee Development, and Employee Retention.

Maxie’s certified as a PLE Facilitator/Coach/Consultant, delivering the suite of MERIT Integrated Solutions™. At the core of these Character-Based Business Solutions is the MERIT Profile™, a proprietary assessment that measures an individual’s Character Competencies and Behavior Traits. It also measures an individual’s workplace Attitudes, Beliefs and Commitments. These five factors influence performance, productivity, team effectiveness, and bottom line contributions for any organization.

Maxie’s an accomplished author and has written many publications, including:

This book is a common sense, humorous and at times spiritual approach to communication in a world obsessed with political correctness. It represents over forty years of listening to people and those one or two sentence phrases that, at a given point in time, were very profound in their substance and context. These phrases were overheard in airports, airplanes, cafes, hotels, taxi cabs, meetings, churches, and anywhere else that people gathered. Most of these phrases are original, and there are others taken from books I’ve read over the years by famous authors of our time and generations before us; yet what they have to say are just as timeless and relevant today as they were then.

This book is a practical guide for confronting difficult people. They can be anyone at any level in the environment. They’re generally constant headaches to communicate and work with. Although their numbers are always small, their impact is very significant. The difficulty they bring to the workplace daily is the greatest obstacle to the short and long-term success and health of the organization. These people are directly responsible for absenteeism, loss of productivity, and a loss in profitability that ultimately leads to the demise of the business. They frustrate and demoralize almost everyone in the environment, either directly or indirectly and no one is exempt from their influence.

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