Maxie Carpenter is an independent consultant, author, and speaker. His primary focus is consulting with individuals and organization’s about the importance of Personal Leadership Effectiveness (PLE)™ and the way it directly impacts an Organization’s Culture, Talent Acquisition, Employee Development, and Employee Retention Initiatives.

Maxie’s certified as a PLE Facilitator/Coach/Consultant. As such, he’s qualified to deliver the suite of MERIT Integrated Solutions™ to the marketplace and multi-sector organizations. At the foundation of these Character-Based Business Solutions is the MERIT Profile™. This proprietary assessment proficiently assesses an individual’s Character Competencies, Behavior Traits, and workplace Attitudes, Beliefs and Commitments, which are the foundation to his or her Personal Leadership Effectiveness ™ . These five important factors directly influence an individual’s overall performance, productivity, team effectiveness, and bottom line contribution with respect to their daily job functions.

Maxie’s authored several publications, including I Didn’t Ask You to Dance! I Asked You to Talk: A common sense, humorous and at times, spiritual approach to communication in a world obsessed with political Correctness! and Managing Difficult People in the Workplace: A Practical Guide to Confronting Difficult People.   

Maxie communicates weekly on Social Media via the following:

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